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Woof woof: It’s National Pet Month!

April 1 May 1

We often get asked if we are dog-friendly, and here’s your answer: we absolutely are! 😍🐾

Please meet some of our new or frequent visitors. On the bottom left, we have Phoebe, a seven-month-old golden retriever cross Labrador. “She’s a lunatic and loves muddy puddles” 😜


On the top right, we have Lilly; she’s 3 years old and paid her first visit with us last week. She loved the dog treats we had ready behind the bar for her.

In the bottom middle, we have Kobi. Kobi now knows us well enough to know he only has to look at us at the bar to get his treats! Who could resist those big brown eyes?

On the top left, here we have Nym. She’s an 11-year-old Blue Merle Border Collie! Look at her beautiful coat and colours. She delicately took the treats from our hand, proving her owner wrong that we’d “need to mind our fingers as she excitedly receives a treat from us.”

Lastly, we should not forget Lando and Piper, two of our very own staff dogs who often visit us. Their first stop, of course, is for a refreshing drink of water at the bar, followed by some more treats!

So please bring your four-legged furry friends to meet us at The Tipsy Fox. We can’t wait to see them! 🥰😍🐾

Worthing Road
Southwater, RH13 9HG United Kingdom
01403 733009
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